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IP Whisperer is the marketing website of a law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP) law. The owner and I created this site to present the firm’s capabilities, offer an IP whitepaper and capture inquiries.

Project: New Website
Tasks included Analysis, logo design, content collection, development and MailChimp integration for lead capture.

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Design theme: Karma from True Themes

Client Comments: “The site looks great, Warren. Good job! Just what we wanted!



Brick House Pizzeria

BrickHousePizzeria-smBrick House Pizzeria is a top-ranked, wood-oven pizza restaurant on NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. This mom-and-pop pizzeria initially hired me to build a simple website two years ago. Since then, we have worked together to build a completely redesigned site with new graphics, photos and copy.

Project: Brick House Pizzeria’s First Website
Tasks included analysis, content collection, writing, development, hosting setup, domain setup, search engine registration and optimization.

  • Platform: Comcast Business Web Hosting
  • Design theme: Comcast free themes

Project: Website Redesign
Tasks included business analysis, writing, development, hosting transfer, domain transfer, search engine registration and optimization.

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Design theme: Kataleya from AnpsThemes

Visit Brick House Pizzeria’s website.

Ongoing marketing support

  • Managing the restaurant’s social media presence on and
  • Exploring local business partnerships.
  • Created the Service Heroes campaign with table tents and online promotion.




D’s Bar

DsBar-smD’s Bar is neighborhood bar in northeast Portland, Oregon. The owner, staff and I have worked together for several years–from the creation of its first website to the current website and ongoing articles, promotions, campaigns and social media management.

Project: D’s First Website
Tasks included business analysis, content collection, writing, development, hosting setup. Partnered with designer Becca Ward ( for logo design.

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Design theme: Engrave from Zigzag Press

Project: Website Redesign
Tasks included business review, content review, writing, development, search engine registration and optimization, new domain name, hosting transfer.

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Design theme: Engrave Responsive Update from Zigzag Press

Project: Tap List on TV
Created an interactive slideshow that presents the current beers on tap with beer descriptions, logos, ABV and IBU. Includes slides for promotions and events. The slideshow is presented on a TV monitor above the bar and on the Tap List page of the website. The list is updated weekly and when when new beers arrive on tap.
Project: Menu Design
Completed redesigned the D’s Bar food menu, prioritizing the most profitable items and promoting to-go ordering. The new menu presents improved item descriptions and whiskey logos. The menu was printed for the bar and reformated to be downloadable from the website.
Project: Ongoing Marketing Services
I manage the social media presence of D’s Bar on and I’m also on call 24/7/365 for all online marketing promotions, events and opportunities.


Hound Dog Handy Man

HoundDogHandyman-smHound Dog Handy Man is a general contractor providing residential and commercial remodeling services in Beaverton, Oregon and the greater Portland area. The company hired me to create a simple, low-cost website to present its capabilities, gallery of recent work and contact information.

Project: Hound Dog Handy Man’s First Website
Tasks included analysis, content collection, development, search engine registration and optimization.

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Design Theme: Bueno from WooThemes

Results: Within one day of launching the website, Hound Dog Handy Man already had a new customer. The phone has been ringing with new business requests ever since.

Client Comments: “Warren, the website is fantastic! I can’t believe that I’ve gotten so many calls for bids and new business! Thank you so much!

Visit Hound Dog Handy Man.


BeerNamer is a beer naming application capable of generating over 100,000 names. Five name generators tap into 16 libraries to create names for any beer. BeerNamer is currently offline so that it can be rewritten to become mobile-friendly and even more powerful. Look for the new release this summer.

For beer naming help right now, go to the Name Your Beer page.